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Historian or Futurist?

  We seem to like history, especially our own history. Our history was created through a series of events. We get comfortable telling that story. We have told that story many times. We keep telling that story. We like telling … Continue reading

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Rocks in the Canoe

(Image Courtesy of Imagekind) We either build or inherit organizations. Either we started it from scratch, or we came into the organization once formed. The organization is intended to move forward, presumably in an efficient, smooth, and relatively safe way: … Continue reading

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The Evidence

Helping people understand themselves is a large part of what I do. There are various tools to assist with this process, but a solid go to assessment includes the DISC (Thank you creator of Wonder Woman) combined with Driving Forces. This … Continue reading

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Hating Salmon and Lemon Squares

“He hates Salmon.” “He hates Lemon Squares.” “He is grumpy if he doesn’t eat.” “He is grumpy if woken from a nap.” “He [insert event, either one time or a repeated event that happened, and form a hard-wired rule about … Continue reading

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Mourning the loss of who you thought you would be

(Image Courtesy of the Great Robin Lake) We start out in life thinking we are going to be a certain thing. We make plans. We make choices. We move in a direction. We become invested in who we are going … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

  (Image Courtesy of capreform.eu) The other day I had the privilege of going for a run with my youngest brother and my youngest daughter. We don’t see him very often because we live so far away, and running gave us time to … Continue reading

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