The Librarian and the Library of Memories and Thoughts

I am considering placing a help wanted ad.

Help wanted: The Librarian for the library of my memories and thoughts.

Not just any Librarian.

A cool Librarian like my friend Deb (the nocturnal librarian).

Duties include cataloging all of my old memories and thoughts, and being a gatekeeper of sorts.

Let me explain.

Memories are weird things. They seem accurate, but may not be exactly what happened. Our memories may evolve each time we access them.

According to Daniela Schiller (assistant professor of neuroscience and psychiatry) “if we retrieve an emotional memory and then experience it in a different way, it is going to change…this means that memory traces are dynamic, so each time we retrieve a memory it might change.”

I have a tendency to carry around some weird, embarrassing, or somewhat traumatic memories like overdue exaggerated library books. Picture walking through life with two arm-loads of books. Arm-loads that are so heavy that your arms are out and away from your body, like flightless wings. Books that have become written, retrieved, changed, and re-written.

That book about the time I was supposed to play the clarinet while the chorus sang, but I stopped playing in front of all those people.

That book about the time I was lost in the woods.

That book about being scared in my grandmother’s old creepy house.

That book about snakes (any snakes, volumes 1 through 263).

That book about being completely frustrated in school.

The books about the awkward teen years (Volumes 1, 2, and 3).

That book about [insert other emotional memories].

This is why I need the Librarian.

The Librarian would set up some much-needed rules and structure.

The Librarian would come up with creative reading programs that are balanced and provide perspective.

The Librarian would make sure that I could only take out a certain number of these books at one time. Inspect them for changes when they returned, and make me pay a fine for keeping them too long.

Possible Rules:

  1. You can only take out 1 or 2 children’s books at a time.
  2. Only 5 books can be checked out at once, but must not be from the same category. For example, all 5 cannot be from the embarrassment section.
  3. Books can be checked out for two weeks.
  4. Upon return books will be inspected for any changes, distortions, or over-exaggeration.
  5. Positive memory books must always outnumber negative ones. For example, if you are only check out one book, it has to be positive. Three books? Has to be two positive and one negative.

The Librarian position is open until filled. The pay is flexible based on experience, and has a generous benefit package. The workplace is fun, a little weird, but interesting. Please submit your resume and cover letter, and we look forward to hearing from you.



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The More


It is hard to explain.

There is something out there.

Calling us.


“Wake up.”

“Don’t settle.”

“There is more.”

It is easy to find a rut.

Easy to give up or give in, and stop trying something new.

Easy to say, “this is all there is.”

But that voice is persistent.

The voice calling us to something else.

Calling us to The More.

The More hopeful.

The More connecting.

The More inventive.

The More satisfied.

The More of our careers, lives, relationships, and communities.

Don’t settle for less.

Strive for The More.



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LLKA (Life Lane Keep Assist)


(Icon Created by Richard Nixon from the Noun Project)

Our cars have become technology powerhouses. Cars remind you where they parked, describe alternative routes to upcoming traffic, make noise when you get too close to the curb, brake to prevent collision, and my new favorite: keep you in your lane.

These cars scan the road ahead. If you start to veer our of your lane, the car is there to help by gently nudging the wheel to keep you in your lane.

Small gentle nudges to keep you safe.

Small gentle nudges to provide direction when you get a little distracted and start to drift.

Imagine if this technology was available for us.

I can see the commercial.

Cue the dramatic music, and cut to video of busy, distracted living, while people race down winding roads.

[A voice begins]

Do you get distracted from your larger picture life goals? Do you spend time thinking about what you could have done, or should have done, instead of working on that thing right in front of you? Have you felt the pull of comparison to others and the resulting and life-stalling envy?

Welcome to the Life Lane Keep Assist.

The new Life Lane Keep Assist is designed to keep you in your lane.

Life Lane Keep Assist is a friendly nudge when the distractions or comparisons in life tempt you to compare your self with others, forget that you have value, and veer away from your own journey.

Life Lane Keep Assist works with you and your mind, head, and heart to turn to back to what is important in your life. It starts with a small nudge, builds to a larger push if needed.

[The cameras pan to a few individuals for one-on-one testimonials.]

“There I was, going though life while comparing my journey to others. It was discouraging, but with Life Lane Keep Assist, I began to live in my own lane. At first it was hard, I kept wanted to go back, but the small nudges and re-directions provided a much needed focus.”

“It was hard to focus. There were so many demands and needs, I was trying to do it all. I didn’t know how to say no. Thank you Life Lane Keep Assist for helping me steer away from the unimportant, and focus on how to make a real difference.”

“Before Life Lane Keep Assist I got way to involved in other people’s lives and created unnecessary conflict. Life Lane Keep Assist helped me from putting myself in the middle of conflict that wasn’t even mine to begin with.”

Life Lane Keep Assist – Available to help in your life journey today.

[Music Fades and screen goes blank]

Until Life Lane Keep Assist is standard equipment in our lives, we will have to just remind ourselves when we start to drift into the wrong lane. When we get out of our own lane, our own journey, our own lives, maybe it is just a simple nudge that can help us get back.

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You are good at what you do. You have been successful. That success creates opportunities to grow and develop. You may even get promoted. You may be running that business or acquire a new one. You have a knack for getting stuff done.

As you move up in organizations, an interesting thing happens. The work begins to shift. You used to be closer to the work. You used to do the tasks at hand.

Now you have a team. They do some of the tasks. 

And the organization, the team, the business will require something more.

More strategy.

More direction.

More reflection.

More time spent on thinking about larger things.

In other words: BPTT.

Big Picture Thinking Time.

BPTT slows you down from the hectic pace of reacting.

BPTT allows you to develop the overall direction and goals of the business.

BPTT reflects on your style, your team, and what they need most from you.

But BPTT doesn’t come naturally.

We got used to doing tasks or getting it done.

We were successful and liked the connection with the actual work.

We get stressed, and default back to doing the tasks.

Leaders need BPTT.

BPTT may feel awkward at first. And you may feel guilty for taking time to yourself.

You are worth it, and BPTT is not a waste.

BPTT is where big ideas come from.

You need BPTT, and so does your team, your organization, and your business.

But if you wait until there is time for BPTT it will not happen.

BPTT should be on the calendar so it can be planned with, not around.

Schedule an appointment with yourself for some BPTT.

Start today.

We all want to hear the amazing things you do as a result.

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The Perfection Perception

“Wow you have such a perfect job.”

“Your life is perfect.”

“Your [relationship, marriage, kids, world, career, friendships, family, neighborhood, choices…and the list goes on] is so perfect.”

The Perfection Perception catches a glimpse from the outside.

The Perfection Perception sees you at your best.

The Perfection Perception creates comparison.

But this is a distorted view.

The Perfection Perception doesn’t see the mess inside.

The Perfection Perception doesn’t see your doubt, worry, stress, and struggle.

The Perfection Perception doesn’t see the hard work, the failure, and the loss.

Beware of the Perfection Perception, it is a cloudy lens that creates separation and unnecessary comparison.

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Perfect Timing

“That email was perfect timing, thanks for reaching out.”

“Getting together today was perfect timing.”

“Your words/that card/the call/ was perfect timing, I needed it.”

You reach out to someone else.

You take the time to connect.

You send that note.

You make that call.

Perfect Timing?

Maybe initiating connection with others is always Perfect Timing.


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Finding the Creatives

The Happy Envelope (@thehappyenvelope) • Instagram photos and videos (1)

A new city.

A day of wandering.

Food, coffee, art, chocolate, music, more food, and walking in the footsteps of an icon.

But we are always on another mission in a new place: Finding the Creatives.

Discovering those people who are making, designing, and creating something new different and special.

It was the t-shirt that caught out attention. A simple message in the front window that drew us in.

Choose Happy.

An easy beacon or map for Finding the Creatives.

The Happy Envelope may be a design company that specializes in printing, invitations, and announcements, but they are also something more.

They are Creatives.

These Creatives teamed up together with a printing press from the 1870’s.

These Creatives are self-described “Owners and Creative Visionaries.”

These Creatives welcomed us in.

These Creatives told their story.

These Creatives shared their creation.

These Creatives inspired us with their work.

Going someplace new? Need to discover your own city again?

Try Finding the Creatives. Go and look for them.

And as for you Creatives out there…

Do you have an idea?

Do you have a vision?

Go. Dream. Make.

We will find you.

The Happy Envelope Business Card

To Sarah and Ty: Thanks for creating and for the experience.

Ty and the Press

(A quick shout-out to Yukon Cornelius who perches above the operation with foreman like qualities.)

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