Perfect Timing

“That email was perfect timing, thanks for reaching out.”

“Getting together today was perfect timing.”

“Your words/that card/the call/ was perfect timing, I needed it.”

You reach out to someone else.

You take the time to connect.

You send that note.

You make that call.

Perfect Timing?

Maybe initiating connection with others is always Perfect Timing.


Home Planet

You meet.

You start to talk.

You try to explain some weirdness.

They nod.

They totally get it.

They totally get you.

You connect so quickly.

You feel so understood.

They speak as if in your native language.

They understand the perspective, the weirdness, and the challenges.

It is almost as if, as a good friend of mine says…

“They are from my Home Planet.”

They are out there.

You can find them.

They are from your Home Planet.

P.S. Remind them of their impact when you find them.