The “I Totally Get It” Crew

wm-backWe need them.

The people who understand us.

The small band of close ones who display the right combination of empathy and compassion.

You are insecure, neurotic, scared, and full of doubts about something.

You hesitate to share this with anyone.

It is your secret in the dark.

You take a risk and start to explain.

To shed light.

Your words come slowly, pausing about to stop at any moment.

Your Narrator makes you regret that you began.

Your story flows, your doubts grow.

They nod.

They listen.

Some have even been down the same road.

They share as well.

You thought you were alone.

They are on a journey too.

Simple words.

“I Totally Get It.”

That is the crew we all need.

5 Customer Service Skills

Customer Service is on my mind. The recent interactions with companies combined with updating my own presentation to prepare for a few upcoming sessions may be the root cause, but it is there.

While in the middle of updating some materials, an email arrived. It asked a simple question.

“What are the top 5 Customer Service Skills from your perspective?”

I let that email sit for about a week while I pondered my response.

Below is my list.

1. Empathy – the ability to see our customer’s world, their challenges, their struggles even when they seem to do something that we do not understand or agree with.

2. Follow Through – essentially being able to bring about a solution without stopping along the way and learning to either “Ask or Act” if we get stuck.

3. Respect – to treat customers as if we are trying to earn their trust, loyalty, and partnership each day, everyday.

4. Ability to Listen – to hear what is really happening, and not just assume what is being requested or needed.

5. Flexibility & Empowerment – to have enough margin and competence within your sphere of influence to solve what can be solved if possible.

Now a question for you.

“What are the top 5 Customer Service Skills from your perspective?”

We all look forward to your list.