Finding the Creatives

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A new city.

A day of wandering.

Food, coffee, art, chocolate, music, more food, and walking in the footsteps of an icon.

But we are always on another mission in a new place: Finding the Creatives.

Discovering those people who are making, designing, and creating something new different and special.

It was the t-shirt that caught out attention. A simple message in the front window that drew us in.

Choose Happy.

An easy beacon or map for Finding the Creatives.

The Happy Envelope may be a design company that specializes in printing, invitations, and announcements, but they are also something more.

They are Creatives.

These Creatives teamed up together with a printing press from the 1870’s.

These Creatives are self-described “Owners and Creative Visionaries.”

These Creatives welcomed us in.

These Creatives told their story.

These Creatives shared their creation.

These Creatives inspired us with their work.

Going someplace new? Need to discover your own city again?

Try Finding the Creatives. Go and look for them.

And as for you Creatives out there…

Do you have an idea?

Do you have a vision?

Go. Dream. Make.

We will find you.

The Happy Envelope Business Card

To Sarah and Ty: Thanks for creating and for the experience.

Ty and the Press

(A quick shout-out to Yukon Cornelius who perches above the operation with foreman like qualities.)

When Science and Creativity Meet


(Object courtesy of me, and an amazing class at Blowing Sands Glass in Seattle, WA)

She studied Materials Science.

He studied Materials Science.

She had a grandparent from a distant land.

He had a grandparent from the same distant land.

She is from the place.

He moves to the place.

It is a creative place.

It is the center of this particular art at this time.

A common friend.

A marriage.

A business.

A class.

She is helpful and patient.

He is informative and methodical.

She provides the back story, the history, and the process.

He provides the science behind each step.

We have questions.

We talk.

We wonder if we are taking too long.

She provides reassurance, the talking is one of his favorite parts.

He continues the stories.

She smiles in a deeply loving way.

He continues the stories.

We left with gifts.

Two of the gifts we made, and both arrived the other day.

The third, and maybe the most important gift, was watching when science and creativity meet.


(Object courtesy of my wife, and an amazing class at Blowing Sands Glass in Seattle, WA)

Understanding the Differences

The Differences
Helping others on their journey is one of my favorite things. There are times it is important to gather some of these people together. When in a group, we discuss how their particular styles impact others to help the other people understand the differences among them.

During a recent session we were discussing differences around a creative approach versus a more practical approach. We talked about how each person may see things, and how these differences may manifest.

One person is more practical, the other is more creative. As we were taking, I glanced down at the participants notebooks. Their notebooks clearly provided the illustration I needed during our time together. They are different people, each bringing something valuable to the relationship. Understanding those differences helps each of them see the world from the other person’s viewpoint. It is this kind of understanding that helps move beyond conflict and deepens relationships.  

Our notebooks are different. We are different. We all have something we bring to the table, the relationship, or the workplace. Sometimes opening up your notebook is the first step towards understanding.