When Science and Creativity Meet


(Object courtesy of me, and an amazing class at Blowing Sands Glass in Seattle, WA)

She studied Materials Science.

He studied Materials Science.

She had a grandparent from a distant land.

He had a grandparent from the same distant land.

She is from the place.

He moves to the place.

It is a creative place.

It is the center of this particular art at this time.

A common friend.

A marriage.

A business.

A class.

She is helpful and patient.

He is informative and methodical.

She provides the back story, the history, and the process.

He provides the science behind each step.

We have questions.

We talk.

We wonder if we are taking too long.

She provides reassurance, the talking is one of his favorite parts.

He continues the stories.

She smiles in a deeply loving way.

He continues the stories.

We left with gifts.

Two of the gifts we made, and both arrived the other day.

The third, and maybe the most important gift, was watching when science and creativity meet.


(Object courtesy of my wife, and an amazing class at Blowing Sands Glass in Seattle, WA)

2 Comments on “When Science and Creativity Meet

  1. I want to like this more often, taking the time to press in, be present, hear and remember story. To see individuals and how their blending brings such beauty. Thanks for this post, Carl. Beautiful work on the glass you each created.

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