Collective Challenge Day 6 (My 50th Post!)

Two ceremonious events collide today:

1.  We are just about done with our first week of the challenge, and the comments (especially from yesterday’s post) and the phone call from a friend confirmed that we are doing something great together.  Sometimes I wonder if these ideas, questions, or challenges are just ramblings…and it is typically when I am doubting this blog or myself that one of you confirms the impact it has had on your actual life. It is this confirmation that helps us press on together.

2.  This is my 50th post!  This is a milestone.  As I shared with you before, I have not always been the type to sit down and set yearly goals.  Last year I did.  One of those goals was to actually write on a regular basis.  I was inspired by a friend who helped me realize that I didn’t have to write an entire book in a weekend, but could begin by regularly disciplining myself to write.  

Remember part of this challenge is to Dream Big.  Sometimes once you identify that dream, trying to figure out how to accomplish it can be overwhelming.  But the first step is making a decision to start towards that dream.

It was gaining the understanding that a small decision made every day could really change your life that helped me know where to begin.  I didn’t have to do it all at once, and neither do you.  This blog is the result of a small scary decision made on a regular basis!

I know I say this a lot, but thanks again for being part of this journey together.

Collective Challenge Day 2

A few books I am reading

This morning I realized that I had to change my routine in order to adhere to our collective challenge.  Typically I wake up, get coffee, and go online to review various news sites.  I found myself a little stuck on what to actually do instead.  I decided to check out a few blogs instead, drink that coffee, then go read a few books.

In case you are looking for a few suggestions of what to do instead of the news, I am offering a few suggestions.!/topics/  This is the topic section of WordPress and you can find some great blogs by clicking on the topic.  A writer from Canada who somehow found my blog. Her tagline says it all.  Seth Godin’s blog.  Some great stuff in here.

As for the books, I have a habit of reading more than one book at a time.  In the current queue are Tribes, by Seth Godin, Magnificent Mind at Any Age, by Dr. Daniel Amen, and IMC – The Next Generation by Don and Heidi Schultz.  The first two are for pleasure, the last is for a class I am taking.

I hope this helps, I had to take down the news sites from my Chrome home page, but I am feeling better already.  One thing I realized was the more I read about crime in my own community, the more my opinion of where I live became negative.

Thanks for participating.  I am looking forward to how this 30 days plays out.  You can do it, and 2012 will be great!