Collective Challenge Day 2

A few books I am reading

This morning I realized that I had to change my routine in order to adhere to our collective challenge.  Typically I wake up, get coffee, and go online to review various news sites.  I found myself a little stuck on what to actually do instead.  I decided to check out a few blogs instead, drink that coffee, then go read a few books.

In case you are looking for a few suggestions of what to do instead of the news, I am offering a few suggestions.!/topics/  This is the topic section of WordPress and you can find some great blogs by clicking on the topic.  A writer from Canada who somehow found my blog. Her tagline says it all.  Seth Godin’s blog.  Some great stuff in here.

As for the books, I have a habit of reading more than one book at a time.  In the current queue are Tribes, by Seth Godin, Magnificent Mind at Any Age, by Dr. Daniel Amen, and IMC – The Next Generation by Don and Heidi Schultz.  The first two are for pleasure, the last is for a class I am taking.

I hope this helps, I had to take down the news sites from my Chrome home page, but I am feeling better already.  One thing I realized was the more I read about crime in my own community, the more my opinion of where I live became negative.

Thanks for participating.  I am looking forward to how this 30 days plays out.  You can do it, and 2012 will be great!