Collective Challenge Day 4

We are half way to our first whole week in our collective challenge for 2012.  Do I know how the stock market did yesterday?  Nope.  Have I heard the latest poll about who knows what? Again, no.  Have I endured the latest reason why I am not doing that thing that I should be doing or how the world is ending or how the globalization of mechanized currency exchange has led to the most significant depressing under-unemployment for demographics less than my current state?  NO!

This is what I do know.  I went to work yesterday after being away on vacation and connected with co-workers and realized I missed their faces.  I had a productive day at work and earned my pay.  I came home and ate dinner with my amazing wife and kids (the meatloaf was awesome).  After dinner I played war (the card game) with my youngest daughter and she totally crushed me.

The evening ended with tucking the kids into bed and reading them a story.  My world may be a little smaller, a little less informed, a little less global.   But my world is beginning to feel more connected and more important.

Thank you again for being part of this journey together.  Maybe we really can change the world.