Collective Challenge Day 3

So far, so good.  No news, but fear seems to be trying to creep in.  I am taking my first fully online course and got a little freaked out because it requires regular online postings and it has been a few semesters since I took a class.  (Pretty funny I know, how will I ever regularly post online?)

I am taking my own advice and since this course is not a snake, I am moving forward and ignoring it.  Your responses have been very encouraging as we take on this challenge together.  It is amazing how when you are doing more difficult things together it somehow feels easier.  The daunting tasks are not as bad when you are not alone.

Thank you for being part of this!  Together we can Change the World!

My goal this week is to find that opportunity to be generous, but right now getting the kids ready for school post-vacation is my next serious challenge.

One thought on “Collective Challenge Day 3

  1. Just catching up with life after being down sick for several days. I love this challenge. It goes right along with where I had already made a stand. In fact, even my new password for, well, something, includes the words NOFEAR! I will tag right along on this ride and see where it takes me. Now, what one thing….hmmmmmm. Given my DISC profile it may take me a few days to decide! Thanks for this Carl.

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