Me Too

Two words.

Two words that are the result of your own journey, hardship, or loss.

Two words that can drive loneliness, fear, doubt, and insecurity away.

Two words that provides comfort in a time of need.

Two words that connect you to others.

I went through…

“Me too.”

I lost…

“Me too.”

I am struggling with…

“Me too.”

I feel scared, insecure, lost, not enough…

“Me too.”

These experiences mold, shape, bend, and sometimes almost break us.

And then we hear those two words that help us see that we can survive, we can move forward, we can become something else, and we can become strong.

Perhaps the more important reminder is that we are not alone.

“Me too.”


4 thoughts on “Me Too

  1. It’s so hard to lose, to struggle, to be afraid. My words to myself have so often been: do it well for him, do it afraid, just do it. But to know others are there and have been there too and survived, makes it doable. Me too.

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