But We Ran


Running this winter has been hard. Layer upon layer. Attempts to cover every inch of exposed surfaces. Runs when temperatures dropped from single digits to zero and below before we ended.

But we ran.

The combination of record cold and record snow has combined to create what we are affectionately calling “winter fatigue.”

But we ran.

This has not been our fastest year. Many of our times have slowed. We became sick, tired, frustrated, injured, and cold.

But we ran.

We ran on days when it was dark. We ran on days when the wind almost stopped all forward progress.

But we ran.

Despite spring arriving on the calendar, we have had near record cold again. Winter seems to want to keep us in a state of hibernation. Days that should be in the 40s and 50s have been in the 30s.

But we ran.

What is coming our way next?

More weather, more illness, more injury, more road blocks, more [insert term here] issues?

I am not sure. There is only one thing I know for sure.

We will run.


2 thoughts on “But We Ran

  1. I am right there with you! What got me through ma any cold mornings? Commitment to others. Now, to apply this discipline to other areas of my life……I’ll contemplate that in my long run in the rain this a.m.!

    1. Thank you for bringing up the commitment to others piece, I think that is a huge part of getting out there. This gives me a lot to think about on my long run in the rain today as well good luck and keep running.

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