Besides the references to smuggling alcohol during prohibition, or the particular cut of jeans, Bootleg is typically when something is an unauthorized or counterfeit. However, sometimes Bootleg is when you have settled for a less than replacement for Real.

Bootleg may be all that we can afford.

Bootleg may be all that we have access to at the moment.

Bootleg may be the cheaper alternative until our circumstances change.

But there is trouble with Bootleg.

We get used to Bootleg.

Our lives become entwined with Bootleg.

We have settled and moving from Bootleg to Real takes effort.

What was meant to be temporary has become permanent.

That relationship is comfortable, but not Real or deep.

That business partner works, but you are giving more than you receive.

That job pays the bills, but there is no inspiration.

Bootleg has a way of keeping us comfortable with less.

Don’t settle for Bootleg.

Real is sometimes more costly.

Real is deeper and more meaningful.

Real is what we all need.



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