Making the Customer Do the Work: Another Flawed Strategy

Customer Service

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During a conversation about the salad post, someone shared yet another flawed strategy in customer service.

The details.

Repair person comes to the house.

Repair person doesn’t have the right part.

Person at business office didn’t order the right part or write order correctly.

Person at business office says it will be a week or so to order the right part.

Repair person leaves.

Customer wasted their time for the appointment.

Customer must now wait for an undetermined amount of time.

Customer must now call again once the part has arrived to make another appointment.

The Strategy.

I am busy.

I made an error.

I said I would order the right part this time.

I have to go.

I am busy.

I have other large repairs to do.

I will get back to you when I can.

I will wait for you to call before I come back.

I am busy.

The Flaw.

You made the mistake.

But you insist on making the customer do the work.

You have to order the new part.

But you do not find the exact date it will arrive.

You are busy and have other customers to see.

But you make the customer in front of you feel less important.

You need to reschedule.

But you do not set a date on the spot, and expect the customer to call you again once the part arrives.

The Solution.

When you make a mistake: acknowledge your mistake.

When you make a mistake: make the correction easy, painless, and seemless.

When you make a mistake: do not make the customer do the work.