I Am Trying

I am trying

Breakfast with close friends is a favorite thing. Great food, great coffee, and great opportunities to talk and connect.

Typically these talks include catching up on life, work, and our goals for both.

On this particular morning we were discussing my goal of posting a blog once a week.

As soon as we started discussing it, I blurted out.

“I am trying.”

This friend would not let my words pass without intervention.

“You are not just trying. You are doing. I see your posts once a week, that is not trying that is doing.”

They were right. My old narrative of “trying” did not match the current reality of “doing.” That narrative, and those words came from a time when I was struggling with writing. Instead of writing, I told myself that I was “trying.”

My friend’s words stuck with me since that day. The recalibration of the narrative was helpful. I realized that a lot of the time when I am not actually accomplishing my goals, I use “I am trying” as an excuse for not doing an unpleasant or hard task.

“I am trying to call my family more often.”

“I am trying to connect with friends.”

“I am trying to find time to schedule that.”

“I am trying to be more organized and clean up my desk.”

“I am trying [and the list keeps going].”

I have become more aware of how often “I am trying” made its way into my life.

How often has this narrative kept you from the harder tasks? How has “I am trying” created an obstacle for you?

For me, the choice is simple. I am no longer trying. I simply have to do.



4 thoughts on “I Am Trying

  1. Seeing both sides of how this phrase disrupts us….thank you Carl. Where are we allowing our old narrative to take the shine off our accomplishments? I needed that. And where are we letting it be an obstacle? There is freedom in the answering of both those questions. Again, thank you.

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