20,000 Views: 20,000 Thanks

20,000 visits

Today is a milestone: 20,000 views on the blog. I am blown away by this whole blogging phenomenon and how each of us can spread ideas across the globe. Blogging made me think about the printing press and how when it was introduced it created fear because it would mean anyone could print their ideas…unedited and uncontrolled. Those same detractors would never have been able to fathom the ability to spread an idea across the globe in a single click.

This milestone could not have happened without YOU! I am humbled and honored to be in this space and have people who connect with this attempt to Change the World.

Thank you to my wife and editor who puts up with my anxious “did you read/proof it yet” seconds after I send her the draft.

Thank you to my daughters who provide inspiration and material and generally put up with me. Together we have conquered fear, hikes, our first race, and you provide things to hold in my pocket when I am away.

Thank you to friends who provided ideas, thoughts, and even artwork for this blog.

Thank you to my Mom and the Navy for helping to shape and mold me.

Thank you to Talin Orfali, a Canadian writer who followed and encouraged me early on.

Thank you to the people from over 139 countries who recently visited. Most of you were looking for something else, but it is flattering.

Thank you for everyone who was looking for a trophy cup image or sporting cup event, but found the cup post by accident. (Search “Trophy Cup” on Google Images)

Most of all Thank YOU for reading, encouraging, and helping me develop some thoughts around helping to Change the World.

Who knows, it just may work.

14 thoughts on “20,000 Views: 20,000 Thanks

  1. Well done, sir. What new and exciting things will the next 20,000 hits bring? I’m on for the ride.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Who knows where this goes, but the ride is certainly worth it!

  2. Congrats! The simplicity and brevity of what you share is digestible and practical. I really appreciate that. I often find myself skimming longer blogs, but I think you have done a great job of cutting the cake into portions that are manageable. It is simplistic in terms of practicality, but yet, it serves a deeper purpose. Well done.

    1. Glad you enjoy it, that means a lot. It has been harder, yet more rewarding than I originally anticipated. Just when I think there is nothing else to say…life happens and places the story before me.

  3. many congrats, my friend! although, I would have been more impressed if you had obtained the screenshot of the actual 20k mark. let’s work on that for the 50k mark, m’kay?

    1. Thanks a lot. Yeah, that would have been great. Definitely will catch it for the 50K mark.

  4. What a great milestone on your way to 100,000 views and then 1,000,000 and then to infinity and beyond…thank you for making me think differently, remember some simple but important things and for calling me to risk. Thank you.

  5. Well, aren’t you the sweetest! thank you so much for writing about me. It is much appreciated! All the best to you!

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