The Third E

While working with a pretty dynamic group, the discussion touched on what their particular styles brought.  This group is very similar in world view and style, so I asked them a simple question.

“What do you bring as a team?”


What else?

“Emotion, and a passion for doing the job and doing it well!

“What else?” (There I go again with the “deep” questions.)

The group looked around a little, surveyed each other and for some reason the “E” theme continued.  Finally, the third E emerged.


There was silence and the word sort of hung there for a minute.  They were right.  All the energy and emotion could be great, but that third E could undo their efforts if they were not careful.  For all the positive aspects, there was a potential blind spot.  Recognizing that Egos were at play shed light on the drawbacks of their styles.

Now all they have to do is leverage the first two, and keep the third in check.  Naming the potential hazard to their success was an important step.  Do you have a third E?  What will you do about the third E once you name it?