Taking a Vacation From…

We are taking a vacation.  Yes, it just so happens that next week is vacation but that is not the vacation that matters.  Last night while tucking the kids into bed we had an idea. We should take a vacation from something that isn’t working for us.

This week was a short week because of a holiday, and for some reason we all seemed to have more homework, stress and projects that ended up increasing the grumpy dialogue between us.  Last night while tucking everyone in, we decided to take a vacation.  A vacation from raising our voices to each other.

Why not take a vacation from that one thing for the next week? Spend today thinking about that one thing that you should put on the shelf for the next 7 days…and put it away. The next week you have a free pass from engaging in that thing.  It may not be helping you anyway.

What do you need a vacation from?  Raising your voice?  Being critical? Procrastination?  Fear?  Being Snarkey?

For us, we came up with a code if one of us begins to violate our new vacation agreement:

“I’m sorry, we are on vacation!”

You deserve a vacation.  Perhaps those around you do as well.

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