Running into our 80’s

I am a runner.

Sometimes my narrator tries to convince me that I am someone who used to run, or someone who just runs now and then.

Sometimes when I tell other people I run, they try to convince me that running will ruin my knees.

Sometimes I wonder if I will injure myself again.

Sometimes I think about giving up, and slowing down.

Sometimes fear creeps in.


Maybe it is each and every choice to run that makes me a runner.

Maybe my voice can override those other voices.

Maybe it is lack of activity that also ruins knees.

Maybe I could listen to the orthopedic doctor who said I would be running into my 80’s with the right plan.

Maybe my miles will decrease, but my activity will remain.

Maybe learning to dance with fear is better in the long run.

Where have you been convinced that you should give up, slow down, and stop “running”?

Where has the fear or the voices told you that it is too late?

Perhaps we could all be running into our 80’s.

Perhaps you could be [insert your activity, goal, or dream here] into your 80’s.

9 thoughts on “Running into our 80’s

  1. Perfection again Carl, you know it. My narrator tells me ” You’re not aggressive, you’re dad is aggressive. You could never be like him.”
    My friends laugh when I tell them that. It’s good to know that I am seen as aggressive, so I know that when I have to be aggressive I can just be myself. I have to put though into being less aggressive and that is where I find my time to think and put my narrator in it’s place. My buddy Ed taught me that.

  2. What a great post, Carl…I bet you will be running into your 80’s! I certainly plan on hiking and playing kickball for as long as my body will let me!

    It is sobering to think the power that others words or opinions can have over our psyche and our dreams/desires. However, just like you outlined, those words and opinions only have power if we let them.

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