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One of Merriam-Webster’s definition of ‘Listen’ is:

“to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration”.

Yesterday, I was interacting with one of my clients for work when I found myself having to actively engage in listening. She was expressing to me her frustrations with the computing world as she sees it and as it relates to the management of her business.  I just listened.  I provided some general feedback to let her know I was paying attention, but I did not say much.  I think she appreciated that and I was able to gather a greater understanding of her concerns by doing so.

As I walked away and towards my car to leave, I thought more about listening.  Not just in the case above, but in other areas of my life.

I am asking myself, and you, the following questions:

-How often do you truly listen to your customer without…

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  1. One of my friends asked, “Are we really listening or just waiting for our chance to speak?” Or for that matter, thinking of what we want to say next and not really hearing. I often multi-tasking so I know I am guilty of not really listening at times, especially to my children, who cannot seem to discern good timing. But I also know I am fully aware when people aren’t wholeheartedly listening to me. One little test I give: While talking to someone I think isn’t listening I stop mid-sentence to see if they notice. I cannot tell you how often they don’t or they continue on with their response of, “oh yeah…. hmmm…” When I am in a conversation with someone who looks at their phone I always stop what I am saying because I know they are either paying attention to me or the phone, but probably not both. It makes me want to engage more when it is my turn to listen. We all want to feel that we say has value. Listening is a way of showing that to the speaker.

    1. Sharon,

      Great reply. Thanks for the insight and sharing your perspective (I always enjoy your views). I find that I am a horrible listener, it is part of my behavioral style, and unfortunately sometimes I think I listen well when I do not. This is the one area that I have to make a decision to listen at the beginning of the interaction, and decide to focus, shut my phone or monitor off and give that person my attention.


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