Maybe Snow is Just What We Need…

It snowed last night.  According to my neighbor is snowed 11 inches last night.  It snowed 11 inches in October.  I heard that the previous record for snow in October was about 3 inches, so take that 1908.  Honestly, I don’t actually know which year held the previous record. If you do, post it and let us all know.

I guess I could Google it, but this is the first time I have had power in about 24 hours, and this blog and you are my first priority.  What I do know is that snow knocked out our power.  The power at our house is still out, but our friend let us come over and borrow some warm water, heat and wireless internet.  You know, the essentials.

This morning, despite the lack of power, I witnessed our neighborhood help each other.  It is the funniest thing, we live relatively solitary lives.  We are pretty busy, our houses are close, and most of us work so much that we are “hey” neighbors.

Definition of “hey” neighbor:  someone you see when you walk from your car to your door and say “hey” and wave as you enter your house and live your own life.

Every time it snows, we become a little community.  Those with snow blowers go help those with shovels.  Those with shovels go and help with the walks and paths for others. For a brief moment, we all connect, share, talk and work together.  Sometimes I wonder why we don’t connect without the snow.

Despite the inconvenience of the lack of power, maybe snow is just what we need.   

P.S.  To the neighbor with the full-house generator: we are so happy for you, but next time please shut off your Christmas lights…we are cold and it doesn’t help.

8 thoughts on “Maybe Snow is Just What We Need…

  1. The house with the full-house generator and the Christmas lights obviously isn’t feeling that community spirit. That’s just plain ol’ mean.

  2. Lol. Ah neighborhood sharing. I miss home but I don’t miss the huge amounts of snow and shoveling the walkway and driveway. (Though I do feel bad for my family there that is without power.)

    1. Yeah…but Paris, what a great place to think about them…our power is finally back up.

  3. Carl, you are so right! And thank you so much for stopping by and clearing the end of our driveway with your snowblower. Every little bit counts! THANK YOU!!!

    1. And please hold me to becoming more than a “hey neighbor.” We still need to have dinner.

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