The Today List

Yes I like lists. Lists are good. But, lists can feel like a burden. Sometimes items joining the list outpace our ability to accomplish the tasks. The lists keep growing.

While having lunch with someone close, we started to talk of lists. Our many lists. Our volumes of lists.

The paper list at work, the paper list in my office, the lists on my phone (which includes 10 ongoing lists), the list I made in my FIELD NOTES, and the new list that I just created that day during my super-secret-bonus day.

They provided a piece of advice.

“That is why I have a Today list.”

“What is a Today list?”

“It is a list where I just take a few items that I need or want to accomplish today, and put it on this small list. Then I go accomplish these few items.”

“Brilliant. I need to write that on my list (of potential blog ideas).”

Life and lists can feel a little overwhelming. The weight of all those pages and entries can crush us.

There was something incredibly freeing about taking a moment and making one more list.

Just a few items.

Just what I need or want to accomplish today.

Just today.

The Today List. Brilliant.