Advice for a New Job/Year

Old Email

While cleaning out some old piles of paperwork, one sheet of paper caught my eye. A printed copy of an email from 18 years ago.

Words of advice from my first boss and mentor on the eve of taking a new job. The first real job after college.

The advice resonated today just as much as it did those many years ago.

  1. Follow through on what you said
  2. Build relationships
  3. Find out what is important to your staff and other people
  4. Life is more than work
  5. Relationships are built on trust and take time
  6. Study the budget – it is your tool/guide for the year
  7. Most of all have fun (when it stops being fun, it is time to move to something else)

Thank you Michael for the words, advice, and guidance. These words helped me in the first job, and should help us all as the new year begins.

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