After is harder than I imagined.

Before is filled with fear, anxiety, and tension.

Before is about setting a goal that would stretch and challenge.

Before is the decision to try.

During is about action.

During requires getting up each day to train, learn, or push.

During has failures, setbacks, and obstacles.

During connects you to others on that goal or project.

During feels alive.

When the big day arrives, all the training shines through.

Goals are accomplished.

After comes next.

After has a brief time for celebration.

After brings about an end.

After is when the team moves on to other things.

After there is a feeling of loss, as lives return to normal.

After there is a feeling of being lost, as you think about the next big goal.

After is a time to rest and gain perspective.

Before returns.

During will bring a new structure, a new routine, a new plan.

After will come again.

2 thoughts on “After

  1. After is about rest and reflection – don’t take it as a let down but as a well-deserved finish!

    1. My heads gets that, it is convincing the rest of me that is the challenge. I will re-read your comments and hopefully it sinks in.

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