Hard Choice Ahead

Hard Choice Ahead

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The interview went well. They answered the questions. They were hired. After a few months their performance begins to fade.

You hear from a few people around the office that deadlines are missed. Others are covering the work that is not getting done.


A few of your peers come and talk to you about the issues and what you are doing to correct the problems.


Your boss sends you an email asking about your department’s performance.


There were signs.

Looking back you may be able to see them.

Unfortunately, signs don’t always show up along our journey with bright colors and with enough repetition so they cannot go unnoticed. Failing to see the earlier signs prevented corrective action.

Maybe it was a relationship. Maybe it was a project that has not taken off. The specifics are yours to fill in.

Missing the earlier signs tends to result in one final sign: Hard Choice Ahead.

The choice won’t be easy.

But it needs to be done.

The choice will have consequences.

But it will bring the resolution.

Maybe next time we will become more attuned to watching for those earlier signs.


2 thoughts on “Hard Choice Ahead

  1. The signs are always right there…many times they are subtle, like a whisper in my mind, or a momentary hesitation, or that twinge in my gut…
    The one common denominator for me in recognizing these signs is presence–when I am present in the moment, not distracted, when I am truly listening without thinking of my rebuttal, the signs are clear and I have the opportunity to respond.
    Thanks for the reminder Carl!

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