Who are you?

Seriously, who are you?  Have you thought about why you are they way you are?  Why do you do things a certain way? Why is it that you can connect so well with some people, and others can be so difficult?

Spend a few moments to answer this: Who do you think you are?  (Not yelling at you like a drill sergeant “Who do you think you are!)

Take a moment to describe who you are.

Think of one word descriptors that help provide insight into your style and help others appreciate what you bring to the table.





For some, the words are positive and for others the words are negative (see the Silencing the Narrator posts for more details) but either way these words help you better understand your own style.

A word of caution: we tend to judge others in our own image.

If you are driven you look at everyone who is not and draw conclusions about their passion and dedication.  If you are realistic you look at optimistic people you may just wish they understood the complexity of the situation…then they would see the limitations inherent in the problem.

I work with a lot of people and organizations helping them identify and understand their own behavioral style and the impact it has on their leadership and communication style. Knowing yourself is an important first step.  Knowing others is the second.  Coming to grips that different is not wrong, it is just different is the third and somewhat difficult step.

Sometimes the style that differs the most from yours is exactly what you need to balance out your own style.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss some of these styles.  (Don’t worry, I will put some fun stuff in there along the way.)  Hang on, it should be a fun ride.