Noticing the Artwork

Painting by Iain Young

(Image Courtesy of Iain Young)

At work we are conducting an experiment.

By “we” I mean me and another coworker.

By “experiment” I mean we are messing with stuff and watching for results.

The Background

Throughout the building there are various framed photos, paintings, or prints: Artwork. This artwork appears in offices, hallways, and conference rooms. This artwork includes outdoor scenes, rivers, fields, and the occasional abstract image. For the most part, the artwork is pretty nice, and every person in the building has artwork within their view.

The Experiment

For the past 6 months on Friday afternoons we have been moving the artwork.

Seriously, every few weeks or month we take a minute or two when others have left for the weekend and we swap out the artwork.

When the first Monday arrived, we were beside ourselves, hardly containing the laughs thinking about what will happen when someone notices the change.

Months pass.  Artwork moves. No one notices.

That moment never came.

We even coached a few people while in a meeting where two breathtaking new images appear in a small conference room.

“Wow, this room has such a nice feel today.”

“Oh yeah, maybe the cleaners dusted recently.”

The Conclusion

We move through life and have things to do. We become familiar with our surroundings. We keep our heads down. We fall into routine.

When this happens, we fail to notice the artwork: the small beautiful changes around us.

It happens to all of us.

But we can try.

For the next few weeks, slow down. Lift your head and look around. You may just start noticing the artwork all around you.

Moon and Sun

(Image Courtesy of Another Daughter: Keep painting kiddo!)