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Rocks in the Canoe

(Image Courtesy of Imagekind) We either build or inherit organizations. Either we started it from scratch, or we came into the organization once formed. The organization is intended to move forward, presumably in an efficient, smooth, and relatively safe way: Like a Canoe. (Work…

Change, Loss, and Resistance

“They have a new building, a new workplace, but there is resistance, and I do not understand why they are not embracing the change.” In other words, “hey we invested in a new building, a new space, and they should be happy!” There was more…

Treat Them Well

Treat them well. Who? Your employees. Why? There are a few reasons. Reason One: Well treated employees are more productive, engaged, treat customers better, and will contribute to your bottom line. Employees (the right ones of course) are great assets who provide service, innovate,…

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