Month: January 2017

Treat Them Well

Treat them well. Who? Your employees. Why? There are a few reasons. Reason One: Well treated employees are more productive, engaged, treat customers better, and will contribute to your bottom line. Employees (the right ones of course) are great assets who provide service, innovate,…

The Leadership Crockpot

(Images courtesy of Family Fresh Meals) “Leadership is a lot like cooking in a crockpot.” “What do you mean?” “You put all these little things together, but it takes time for them to connect and combine. Eventually you have something.” The Leadership Recipe is…

Descriptions versus Reasons

Canadian Bacon. It is a thing we are into at the moment. Each week, I take a number. I stand in the long line. Numbers are called, I glance down at my number. More numbers, more glances. Don’t want to miss it. Anticipation. The…

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