Month: November 2016

Speaking of Money

Speaking of Money… Why don’t we? We all tend to agree that we need Money to do certain things, but is has become a secretive endeavor. Sometimes the opportunities present themselves, but we have been trained, conditioned, or accustomed that Speaking of Money is not polite,…

Tell Them

I got to connect with an old friend the other day. We drove, we talked, we got coffee, and we talked some more. We talked about new starts and changes. We talked about career paths and work. We talked about good times and bad….

Gift Appreciation Mode

Comparison. Comparison is a thing I do. Comparison happens when I interact with you and cannot help but observe how smart, funny, insightful, amazing, determined, gifted, and completely awesome you are, and then measure this against myself and find a deficit. This comparison deficit transforms itself…

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