Month: September 2016


You are good at what you do. You have been successful. That success creates opportunities to grow and develop. You may even get promoted. You may be running that business or acquire a new one. You have a knack for getting stuff done. As…

The Perfection Perception

“Wow you have such a perfect job.” “Your life is perfect.” “Your [relationship, marriage, kids, world, career, friendships, family, neighborhood, choices…and the list goes on] is so perfect.” The Perfection Perception catches a glimpse from the outside. The Perfection PerceptionĀ sees you at your best….

Perfect Timing

“That email was perfect timing, thanks for reaching out.” “Getting together today was perfect timing.” “Your words/that card/the call/ was perfect timing, I needed it.” You reach out to someone else. You take the time to connect. You send that note. You make that…

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