Month: August 2016

Finding the Creatives

A new city. A day of wandering. Food, coffee, art, chocolate, music, more food, and walking in the footsteps of an icon. But we are always on another mission in a new place: Finding the Creatives. Discovering those people who are making, designing, and…

Cross-Examine the Narrator

That Narrator. That voice. The one who cuts you down. The one who seems to have a job description to regularly review¬†your faults and past failures and bring a case against you. We can try to silence the Narrator, but simply recognizing and trying…

Happy Anniversary

This morning this little icon appeared in WordPress, along with a quick note: “Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 5 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.” Wow, it has been 5 years. Where did the time…

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