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Unleashed. No longer held back. No internal barriers stopping you. No external barriers getting in your way. Unlike an untethered state, Unleashed is when you are completely free to pursue your biggest dreams. Unleashed means to set in motion. What … Continue reading

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Take the Journey

A good friend recently published her story of taking an adventure across America. It was great learning more about her story and her journey. This book serves as a reminder for all of us to go ahead and take the … Continue reading

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Meticulous Framing

During a recent conversation with a close friend, we discussed the importance of building things that last. Relationships. Businesses. Creative Stuff. Sometimes we don’t always start the right way. Sometimes we have to go back and fix. In order to … Continue reading

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Affirmation or Revelation

“I didn’t need it, they don’t need it!” Usually said loudly and with passion. Usually said with a negative and sometimes angry tone. Usually as a response to the idea of coaching, encouraging, or recognizing employees. Usually while being critical … Continue reading

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