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Elliptical Orbits

(Image Courtesy of wiseGEEK) Apparently I have a lot in common with early astronomers. Both Copernicus and Galileo thought that planets traveled in perfectly round orbits, because the circle was an “ideal shape.” Circular orbits made sense, something is moving … Continue reading

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Changing Perspective

It was one of those breakfasts. Balancing trying to eat while savoring each sentence, word, and idea that comes to life¬†when you get together with one of those inspirational ones. Mind racing. Pen furiously trying to keep up with the … Continue reading

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The Customer Experience

I recently found Field Notes as a way to regain the lost art of writing things down. Their designer, Aaron Draplin¬†is an amazing speaker [see his Ted talk], and you can tell his philosophy and approach have permeated the company … Continue reading

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Hating Salmon and Lemon Squares

“He hates Salmon.” “He hates Lemon Squares.” “He is grumpy if he doesn’t eat.” “He is grumpy if woken from a nap.” “He [insert event, either one time or a repeated event that happened, and form a hard-wired rule about … Continue reading

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