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The Pitch versus The Partnership

(Image Courtesy of usdailyreview) There are a lot of ways you can sell yourself, your company, your product, or your organization. How you sell says a lot about you, your company, your product, and your organization. Most selling can fall into two … Continue reading

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Culture, Performance, and Employees

The Culture of an organization is important. Culture orients us to the organization, its purpose and goals. But Culture is not just what an organization says, Culture is what it does both internally and externally. How does the organization treat … Continue reading

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When Science and Creativity Meet

(Object courtesy of me, and an amazing class at Blowing Sands Glass in Seattle, WA) She studied Materials Science. He studied Materials Science. She had a grandparent from a distant land. He had a grandparent from the same distant land. … Continue reading

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Home Planet

You meet. You start to talk. You try to explain some weirdness. They nod. They totally get it. They totally get you. You connect so quickly. You feel so understood. They speak as if in your native language. They understand … Continue reading

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