Month: June 2015

Dancers Dance

I am surrounded by dance. Strange rhythmic sounds echo from the upstairs of our house. Spins occur in our kitchen. Spontaneous taps break out during random lulls. Terms foreign to me are thrown around during cookouts. Pottaburray? Pleeaaayyy? Kickball steps? Kickball chains? For two decades…

Recalibrating the GPS

It started as a simple conversation about running, pace, and times. We both opened up the app on our phones and talked about some of the struggles, successes, and challenges ahead while scrolling through the history. Then it came out. “I must need to recalibrate…

More Flexible, Less Fear

The other day someone asked me to describe my two biggest goals in life. Once I got over the “Hey, I thought this was going to be a casual conversation!” I spent some time thinking about my response. The reply didn’t come right away,…

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