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Besides the references to smuggling alcohol during prohibition, or the particular cut of jeans, Bootleg is typically when something is an unauthorized or counterfeit. However, sometimes Bootleg is when you have settled for a less than replacement for Real. Bootleg may be … Continue reading

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Two Obstacles

There are two obstacles. Or maybe at least two categories of obstacles. Internal obstacles and external obstacles. Internal obstacles include fear, doubt, our inner voice, regret, commitment, procrastination, and fear (yes I put it on the list twice). External obstacles … Continue reading

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Service Shifts

Customers are all around us. They are both internal and external, and have needs, questions, and requests. Sometimes we become hardened towards them. But not always. Sometimes we simply fall into a routine. They have a need, we meet it. They … Continue reading

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The “I Totally Get It” Crew

We need them. The people who understand us. The small band of close ones who display the right combination of empathy and compassion. You are insecure, neurotic, scared, and full of doubts about something. You hesitate to share this with … Continue reading

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