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Build Something That Will Be Missed

Road time. Hours spent traveling from one customer to the next. Time to and from the appointment, the errand, the visit. Use and savor this time. Connection calls. Podcasts. Seth Godin’s Start Up School. Resonating message. One specific phrase. “Build Something That Will Be Missed.” … Continue reading

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Making Soap: A Lesson in Being a Serial Entrepreneur

Breakfast with a few close friends is always welcome on my calendar. During yet another snow storm, we made our way out to find a new place to eat. The one friend came from far away, the other from right … Continue reading

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No Bad Runs

Running can be hard. Some runs feel amazing. Everything clicks, your body responds, and you just go. Other runs don’t feel so great. Your legs feel like cement, that weird [knee, foot, ankle, back, thigh, or toe] pain is back, and you … Continue reading

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Savoring the Quirks

Everyone has quirks. Some quirks are endearing. Some quirks are irritating. Why don’t they replace that roll? Why do they wait until the recycling is overflowing? Why do they always bring up that thing when you visit? Why do they [insert … Continue reading

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