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Playing with the Bumpers Up

Bumpers. You have seen them. Bumpers stop bowling balls from taking a trip down the gutter. Pins are knocked down. Scores are recorded. But those scores are inflated, not entirely real. I have noticed something similar in business, specifically in the … Continue reading

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Homework, Frustration, and Emotional Intelligence

While having lunch the other day with a friend, the conversation moved from simply catching up on the details of our lives to deeper places. We started to talk about emotional intelligence and the role it plays in our success. … Continue reading

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Why Customer Service Training?

Customer service training can be an interesting adventure. Some people are excited. Other people are bored, or have a negative reaction. Some of the reactions depend on how the training was announced or conveyed. My favorite reactions came after the … Continue reading

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Decisions versus Feelings

Whether running or life in general, I have noticed a pattern. Feelings can interfere with our decisions.  Feelings can disrupt us. Feelings often provide the much desired excuse to stop moving forward. Recently I have just been observing how often I hear … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

  (Image Courtesy of The other day I had the privilege of going for a run with my youngest brother and my youngest daughter. We don’t see him very often because we live so far away, and running gave us time to … Continue reading

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