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A Little Further?

(Image courtesy of Google Maps and Screen Capture) A planned team run. A simple goal. 10 miles. A longer run. The long route concludes on our regular course. The roads we run on each week. A Little Further? Three simple words. Three … Continue reading

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Parachuting In

(Image Courtesy of Pinterest) While getting coffee before a consulting gig, I happened to bump into two leaders from that same organization who were at a table sipping their morning brew. There was a brief pause. “Hey, are you parachuting … Continue reading

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Moats, Distance, and Drawbridges

  (Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland courtesy of Wikipedia) On the call the other day, I was connecting and checking in with someone important to me. They were describing an old relationship that did not end well. They had been hurt. Words … Continue reading

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45, 1/2, and 104

(Image Courtesy of 45. This year marked a pretty significant milestone for me. Forty-Five years I have been roaming around on this planet. I couldn’t help but remember an interview I watched with Will Smith about turning 45. “I’m … Continue reading

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