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The Other Plan

Somewhere along the way, we are taught to develop alternative plans. This other plan accounts for contingencies, problems, and worst-case scenarios. The other plan reminds us that things may go wrong and we have to prepare ourselves to move, change, … Continue reading

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Making the Customer Do the Work: Another Flawed Strategy

(Image Courtesy of touch During a conversation about the salad post, someone shared yet another flawed strategy in customer service. The details. Repair person comes to the house. Repair person doesn’t have the right part. Person at business office didn’t order … Continue reading

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I Am Trying

Breakfast with close friends is a favorite thing. Great food, great coffee, and great opportunities to talk and connect. Typically these talks include catching up on life, work, and our goals for both. On this particular morning we were discussing … Continue reading

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Take Credit For Yourself As Well

Coaching is an interesting process. Your role as a coach is to help provide the structure, clarify the issues, and ask a lot of questions. Occasionally, you also provide the accountability to hold people to deadlines or tasks. A coach … Continue reading

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Why Do We Race?

Why do we race? We race because it keeps us in the game. (we are not giving up) We race because we do. (we don’t just try or talk about running) We race because races make us train. (when it would … Continue reading

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Obstacles and Turkeys

  (Image Courtesy of Morning run. Quick pace. Few remaining training runs. Next race looming. Crest the hill. Narrow path. Chain-link fence gauntlet. Strange unnoticed prints. Obstacle. Turkeys. Wild ones. Dead center of the path. Confined by fences. Freeze. … Continue reading

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