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Rusty Connections

(Image Courtesy of A friend recently reached out to make sure we were okay. Nothing specific happened, just a little time passed since we last connected. “Are we okay?” “Yes. Why, do you think something is wrong?” “No, just … Continue reading

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Habit Residue

We all have Habits. Certain things we do that are a recurring pattern. Some we enjoy and are positive in our lives. Others are not great for us, and we struggle with changing them. Habits become wired in our brains … Continue reading

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5 Customer Service Skills

Customer ServiceĀ is on my mind. The recent interactions with companies combined with updating my own presentation to prepare for a few upcoming sessions may be the root cause, but it is there. While in the middle of updating some materials, … Continue reading

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Ask or Act

(Images courtesy of and Two simple choices. Ask or Act. If things were only that easy. As I learn more about our “fight or flight” reaction in our brains, there is another “f” reaction that seems to take … Continue reading

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There is More to this NO than I can Explain

NO. Followed by a puzzled look and a little pushback. Sometimes there is more to this NO than I can Explain. Sometimes there is no time to give the explanation due to the circumstances. Sometimes there are others around who … Continue reading

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