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The Other Hand

(image courtesy of yesterday) Yesterday I thought I broke my wrist. All the signs were there: The fall. The loud crack/pop sound. The pain. The sweating and dizziness. The embarrassment. Today, I just have a sprain. For the next few … Continue reading

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Lists are Good

I have a love/hate relationship with lists. Lists keep track of what needs to be done. Lists can feel overwhelming when there are so many things to be done. A friend recently had a contractor¬†over their house. The house needed … Continue reading

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The Hill Rule

Our youngest daughter recently began running with me. We found some new shoes and planned a run. “How far do you want to go on your first run?” “How far do you normally go when you go off running?” “Well … Continue reading

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Reclaiming (y)our Life

Listening to people can be revealing. If you listen (really listen), people will tell you a lot about themselves. Listen to the story they are telling. Listen to the one that they may not know they are telling. While connecting … Continue reading

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