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Harvesting My Own Crops: A lesson is being grateful

Two days ago, I went to the grocery store. Not just any grocery store, I went to the busy one at 11:30 AM on a Sunday morning. The store was packed. Aisles were hard to navigate, and the scene was … Continue reading

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The “Everything is Okay” Phone Call

Most of the phone calls that come my way are from people who need something. This seems like an obvious occupational hazard for a consultant who is trying to help others. However, I began to think that this pattern is … Continue reading

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“I am good as possible”

I live in New Hampshire. With the exception of my time in the Navy and a few years of grad school, I have lived here my whole life. Every winter, it snows here…a lot. The world slows down, and we … Continue reading

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Glasses or Binoculars

Both of these tools have lenses, and are designed to help us see the world more clearly in their respective application. They are not competing with each other, but we may favor one over the other in our lives. When … Continue reading

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