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For When You Ship

During the holidays it is hard to say “this is my favorite gift.” Undoubtably someone will wonder why their gift didn’t make the list, and then the comparing will begin. In order to thwart this comparison and potential hurt feelings, … Continue reading

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The Relationship Reset Button

(Image Courtesy of So often in relationships, whether at home or work, with family or friends or loved ones, the past can overly shape the present. You had a disagreement with that person. Now¬†every interaction is awkward. You lost … Continue reading

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Their Own Role In Their Story

(Image Courtesy of During the final session of a five-part series with leaders, we asked them to create an intentional leadership plan and present it to the rest of the group. Each leader tackled the greatest challenge before them … Continue reading

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Internal Customers

A few weeks ago, I was teaching a customer service class. One of the exercises split the group into small teams and they were asked to identify all of their customers. The lists grew, and the flip charts filled. As … Continue reading

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