Month: September 2013

Keep Your Story Fresh

“What do you do with all that random information?” A close friend asked me the other day. I must have been spouting off about some random facts that I had learned, but the details today escape me. Apparently, my habit of trying to learn…

Noticing the Artwork

(Image Courtesy of Iain Young) At work we are conducting an experiment. By “we” I mean me and another coworker. By “experiment” I mean we are messing with stuff and watching for results. The Background Throughout the building there are various framed photos, paintings,…

Learning to Lose

  (image courtesy of my daughter: thanks kiddo!) There are some things that come easy to us. It may be a task, a sport, a relationship, a job that we are either naturally gifted at, or has just gone well for us. Nothing about…

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