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Everything Requires a Conversation

A few days ago, I sat down with someone who began discussing a few issues that needed to be addressed in their workplace.  All were minor issues, but were getting in the way of getting goals accomplished and creating some … Continue reading

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It’s Running Itself

You have an idea. You are excited. You tell others. You may even have a plan. Then something happens. You walk away, and assume that they are implementing your idea, your vision, and your plan. In your mind, “it’s running itself.” Your … Continue reading

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What is in your pocket?

I was at a conference the other day and while approaching a table at dinner, someone called out, “What is in your pocket?” The rest of the table looked puzzled as I reached into my pocket, but my pocket was … Continue reading

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I mentioned a while ago about my habit of calling a few friends on the way to work. These morning calls provide us with a way to keep “the cup” away from our homes, and give us some time to … Continue reading

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