Month: March 2012

Originally posted on The Terrible Blog:
One of Merriam-Webster’s definition of ‘Listen’ is: “to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration”. Yesterday, I was interacting with one of my clients for work when I found myself having to actively engage in listening. She was expressing…

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I was meeting with someone the other day who is moving away and making some life changes because their spouse’s job requires it.  During our meeting, we discussed careers and how the recent changes were about to create a real directional shift.  What started as…

The “My Way” Blind Spot

We all have blind spots.  You have them, I have them, we all have them.  The hardest part about blind spots is that we do not see them.  I suppose that is why we call them “blind spots.”  When this happens while driving, another…

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