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Reluctant Leadership

Working with people can be a lot of fun.  Either in groups, or one on one, being able to help people discover themselves and their style is very rewarding.  The reward comes from knowing that their personal, professional or leadership … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Yearly Goal Setting

The results of the Poll are in.  Thank you for participating.  It appears that most (almost 80%) are not formally sitting down each year to set clear, concise, and attainable goals.  For the 20% who sit down, reflect and set … Continue reading

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Poll #2: Goal Setting?

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Be More Helpful Than a Handout

One of the best parts of presenting and teaching is reading the evaluations.  If you listen to what is said, the insight and suggestions from the participants can help refine both the content and the style.  It is not always … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Stress and Creativity: Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block.  It was bound to happen, right?  Here I was typing away week after week; telling stories, posing questions, and offering some advice.  The journey has been difficult at times, but there was progress.  Until now.  What happened? I … Continue reading

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Power Distance and Plane Crashes

I am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell.  I like his writing, his stories and his perspective. In Chapter 7 of Outliers (The Ethic Theory of Plane Crashes) he discussed Power Distance, or the space that is created when authority, hierarchy and … Continue reading

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Work.  Sometimes it can feel as if life is passing you as each day blends into the next.  I was talking about this a lot with a friend when two events happened. 1.  We got to participate in a creative … Continue reading

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