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Fly Your Flag

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in the car.  Commuting, shuttling kids around, running errands and my job requires me to drive around…a lot.  To put things in perspective, my car is a 2005 … Continue reading

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Intentional Fun: Lessons I Learned While Raking Leaves

If you are in New England you experience the yearly ritual of leaves changing signaling that Fall has arrived, and Winter is just around the corner.  The world around us comes alive with red, yellow, and orange painted across the … Continue reading

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Rocks, Remembering and Reflecting

Piles of rocks or stones (Cairns) are found all over the world.  They have marked graves, guided travelers and become shrines for worship. Lately it seems like they are the favorite way to mark trails when you hike in the … Continue reading

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The View is Different from the Top

I was meeting with an executive the other day to discuss their behavioral style.  We talked at length about how this style may work in certain situations, but over the long-haul is the kind of style that may wear people … Continue reading

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The Poll Results

Thanks everyone for participating in the first of many polls.  Part of what makes this whole blog process work is feedback and information from YOU.  So keep it up, and who knows where this thing may go… The results are … Continue reading

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Three Lessons I Learned in the Navy

Today is Veteran’s Day.  At school this week, the kids were asked to bring in some photos and information on a veteran.  They picked me.  I believe proximity and availability of photos strongly influenced their decision. I don’t think about my time … Continue reading

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You and Your Job

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